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Service Delivery

Seamless Execution, Unwavering Support

At Techner, our Service Delivery Team leads the way in delivering exceptional activities, ensuring seamless operations and unparalleled customer service. We specialise in tailoring bespoke solutions that not only enhance your operational model but also drive customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and keep you ahead in the competitive landscape.

In today's dynamic business environment, efficient service delivery and robust support are paramount. Techner's commitment goes beyond conventional support — we provide a strategic advantage through unparalleled service delivery. Elevate your operations with us and experience a new standard in Service and Support Management.

With our dedicated team and innovative approach, Techner stands ready to meet your Service and Support Management needs head-on. Whether you require streamlined processes, proactive support, or customised solutions, we are here to help you navigate the challenges and achieve your objectives. Partner with Techner today and let us empower your business for success.

Techner - Services - Service Delivery
Techner - Services - Service Delivery

Explore how our Service Delivery services can add significant value to your projects:
  • Service Desk: Streamlining Operations for EfficiencyOur Service Desk is designed to efficiently streamline your operations, providing end-to-end support through:
    • Request Logging
    • Categorisation
    • Prioritisation
    • Routing
    • Escalation
    • Resolution
    • Communication and Ongoing Support
  • Incident Management: Rapid Response and ResolutionTechner's Incident Management ensures rapid response and resolution with a comprehensive approach:
    • Incident Logging
    • Categorisation
    • Thorough Investigation
    • Timely Resolution
    • Effective Communication
    • Escalation When Needed
    • Review and Closure for Continuous Improvement
  • Defect Management: Proactive Defect Resolution and ImprovementAddressing defects proactively, our Defect Management process includes:
    • Identification of Defects
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Solution Development
    • Incident Prevention Strategies
    • Knowledge Management
    • Trend Analysis for Predictive Actions
    • Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Change Management: Seamlessly Adapting to Evolving NeedsAdaptability is key, and our Change Management process ensures smooth transitions with:
    • Change Planning
    • Change Assessment
    • Change Approval
    • Change Implementation
    • Change Communication
    • Comprehensive Documentation
    • Change Evaluation and Feedback
  • Back-office Operations: Optimizing Efficiency in Back-Office DynamicsOur dedicated back-office operations are focused on boosting efficiency and performance in telecommunications, providing a comprehensive range of services, including:
    • Streamlined Site Integration
    • Optimised Configurations
    • Script Development & Implementation
    • Diligent Alarm Monitoring
    • Targeted Escalations for Sites/Clusters
    • Performance Metrics & Benchmarking
    • Innovative Resolution & Solution Deployment
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Data-Driven Insights for Continuous EnhancementLeveraging data for insights, our Monitoring and Reporting services cover:
    • Data Collection
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Incident Detection
    • Resource Utilisation
    • Trend Analysis for Proactive Measures
    • Data Visualisation for Clarity
    • Comprehensive Performance Reporting
At Techner, our commitment is to provide not just support but a strategic advantage through unparalleled service delivery. Contact Techner today to explore how our tailored solutions can drive excellence in your service delivery and support processes. Let's embark on a journey of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement together.


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