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Project Engineering: Navigating to Success

Combining Expertise and Innovation for Outstanding Outcomes

Techner specialises in providing efficient and comprehensive project engineering solutions. Our well-designed hierarchy of roles ensures maximum efficiency and output for your projects. From Project Engineers to Construction Team Members, and Project Coordinators, our team captures your project from all angles.We offer deep insights and robust strategies to drive business growth and increased profits. By utilising our Project Engineering Methodology, we handle medium to large-scale telecom network infrastructure projects with continued success. We believe in establishing "Shared Expectations" with our clients, as collective team performance enables projects to meet defined objectives and deliverables.
With years of experience and professional insight in the utility industry, we have developed a well-structured approach to project engineering, ensuring time-tested results and perfection. We begin with detailed discussions to openly discuss criteria and set expectations. Our Project Engineers and team work diligently to deliver defined objectives, incorporating changes and modifications as needed to meet set standards.
Throughout the project journey, our team learns valuable lessons and seeks continuous improvement. We strive to exceed client expectations during the definition phase and throughout the project lifecycle. Our project engineering team is ready to serve you, offering customisation and tailored plans to meet your unique requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your goals.
Techner - Services - Project Engineering
Techner - Services - Project Engineering
We provide end-to-end execution or diverse task management in various areas, including:
  • Site Acceptance / VerificationEnsure project success from the ground up with meticulous site acceptance procedures and adherence to predefined standards.
    • Prepare Acceptance Pack.
    • Ensure the site meets acceptance criteria.
    • Verify functionality.
    • Confirm compliance with specifications.
  • Site/ Rigging HOPsFacilitate seamless operations through comprehensive handover packs that communicate essential information related to site or rigging activities.
    • Prepare comprehensive handover packs.
    • Document essential site/rigging information.
    • Include detailed equipment installations and configurations.
    • Incorporate safety procedures.
  • Audits (H & S and Quality)Ensure compliance and excellence in health and safety and quality standards through thorough and expert auditing processes.
    • Comprehensive Audits.
    • Regulatory Compliance.
    • Risk Mitigation.
    • Continuous Improvement.
    • Tailored Solutions.
  • Telecom RF ServicesOptimise telecom projects with specialised Radio Frequency (RF) services, ensuring efficient network planning, optimisation, and performance analysis.
    • Specialised RF services for telecom projects.
    • Network planning.
    • Optimisation and performance analysis.
    • Efficient use of radio frequencies.
    • Enhance overall network performance.
  • Defects / INCs ManagementMaintain the smooth functioning of telecom infrastructure by addressing and managing defects and Incidents (INCs) promptly and effectively.
    • Manage defects and INCs promptly.
    • Ensure smooth telecom infrastructure functioning.
    • Implement robust tracking and reporting systems.
    • Resolve defects and incidents efficiently.
  • CPP / RAMs PreparationGuide project teams through Construction Phase Plan (CPP) and Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMs) documentation to outline timelines and reliability goals.
    • Prepare CPP and RAMs documentation.
    • Outline project timelines.
    • Define reliability goals.
    • Guide project team during implementation.
  • Project Delivery DocumentsFacilitate transparent project handover with comprehensive documentation, reports, and certifications compiled and delivered to stakeholders.
    • Compile and deliver project documentation.
    • Include relevant reports and certifications.
    • Ensure transparency for project handover.
  • As Built DesignConduct detailed verification of individual sites to confirm adherence to specified standards, proper installation, and functionality.
    • Verify individual sites meet standards.
    • Perform site-specific assessments.
    • Ensure proper installation and functionality.
    • Adhere to safety protocols.
With our skilled team, you can expect seamless operations and efficient project execution, allowing you to focus on achieving your business goals.
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