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Telecom RF Services

Techner's RF Services are backed by our industry expertise and commitment to excellence. We stay at the forefront of technological developments, continuously improving network performance for our clients. Whether it's DT Post Processing, RF Planning, RF Optimization, or Integration, Techner is your trusted partner for exceptional RF solutions.

RF Planning:

Techner offers expert RF Planning services, encompassing 2G/3G/4G/5G RF Planning with meticulous attention to detail. Using specialized software tools, we conduct RF predictions and simulations to determine radio coverage and capacity requirements. Our team develops network design and planning strategies, does refarming to vacate RF bands for technology upgrades and coordinates with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless network implementation. We provide technical documentation, conduct audits, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards for RF planning and deployment. With our in-depth knowledge, we plan and implement Neighbor plans for optimal network performance.
Techner - Telecom RF Services

RF Optimization:

Optimizing your RF network is our forte at Techner. We specialize in site on-air initial tuning to achieve targets, identifying and resolving hardware-related issues, multi-vendor KPI formula mapping and conducting thorough network performance analysis. Our skilled team optimizes antenna configuration, power levels, and frequencies, enhancing network performance while troubleshooting interference issues. We implement parameter tuning and collaborate with other network teams for seamless improvements. Our quality and KPI benchmarking ensure the highest standards, while our detailed analysis and recommendations drive enhanced user experience.

DT Post Processing:

At Techner, we excel in DT Post Processing, providing comprehensive log file analysis based on Drive Tests for SSV/Cluster/Zone. Our skilled team interprets log data generated by various telecom systems, base stations, and network servers to identify and diagnose network issues and performance bottlenecks. We troubleshoot and resolve network faults, working collaboratively with cross-functional teams to implement corrective actions and minimize service disruptions. Our expertise lies in optimizing network performance, proposing improvements, and automating post-processing tasks for enhanced efficiency.

RAN Integration:

Techner takes pride in its Integration services, where we lead and execute the integration of RF ancillary systems, including antennas, filters, amplifiers, and more. Our team ensures successful integration and deployment, offering technical guidance throughout the installation and configuration process. We analyze and optimize integrated RF ancillaries using specialized RF tools and software, proposing corrective actions for enhanced network performance. Troubleshooting and issue resolution are our strengths, ensuring minimal network downtime and disruptions. With meticulous documentation and effective communication, we deliver seamless integration solutions.

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